Give One, Get One!

For all of December 2021, you can get two copies of Between You and Me for just $40—one for you and one for someone else! Just choose the $40 give one get one option and put the second address into a note at checkout. I’ll even ship the second copy for free. Get your books here.

Many people who read the book end up buying a copy for a friend, family member, neighbor, or colleague in their life. This book is for everyone, but it is especially for people who are trans, nonbinary, or gender expansive and those who know and love them! Who in your life might need this book in theirs?

Here’s a note I got recently from Shelby, who read a friend’s copy, then bought their own and another for a friend:

“As I was reading the book I kept thinking about wanting to share it with people in my life and having my own copy to do that with felt really important. I couldn’t pass around someone else’s copy without worrying about something happening to it. But with my own copy I could pass it around and be okay if it got a little coffee stain or a small rip because sharing it with people is more important than keeping it in pristine condition. There are plenty of works I could share about the trans experience but your book is a quick and engaging read that I feel like more people would be open to reading than a novel, for example. I think it’s not necessarily just about learning about trans history or reading specifically about trans issues that helps people but being exposed to different experiences of trans people and seeing them go through everyday life as well as the pain and joy of transness that can open them up to more understanding and eventually celebration of their loved ones. I think it’s no different also for young trans people, seeing stories like yours and seeing queer adults thriving is so important!!”

Shelby H., New Haven

Get your books here!

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