Real Talk: Diversity in Higher Ed podcast

I cohost the Real Talk podcast with my brilliant former student, activist and advocate Jamil Harp. On the show, we have conversations about equity and inclusion through an intersectional lens with authenticity and humanity, aka real talk! In Seasons 2-4, we have have some amazing guests join us to talk about race, gender, LGBTQIA+ identities, comics, cancel culture, mental health, the immigration crisis and undocumented students, invisible labor, and much, much more. Available wherever you listen to podcasts! Click the links below to tune in.

Pictured: Professor KC Councilor and student Jamil Harp (Photo credit: Cate Barry Photography, Feb. 2021)

Talking Political Power with Abdul Osmanu and Alex Grant Real Talk: A Diversity in Higher Ed Podcast

In this season finale, KC talks with two young leaders, Alex Grant and Abdul Osmanu, about leadership, running for office, role models, and what it’s like to serve in political office. Osmanu was elected to the Hamden, CT Town Council in 2021 at the age of 19. 
  1. Talking Political Power with Abdul Osmanu and Alex Grant
  2. Raising Hope: How to Embrace Student-Parents feat. Nicole Lynn Lewis
  3. Say it Loud, Say it PROUD Academy
  4. This is Only the Beginning: Undoing Racism, Student Reactions
  5. Changing or Unchangeable? The Building Blocks of Education Systems