New Interview Out in Smash Pages!

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down via Zoom for an interview with Alex Dueben from Smash Pages. Every time I have a conversation about Between You and Me, whether it’s with a writer, a class, or a friend, I learn something new about the wild and transformative power of comics. Thank you, Alex, for this conversation!

AD: I would imagine in transitioning there are so many experiences that are completely new, which is exciting and sometimes terrifying.

KC: There was a lot that I was dreading that was painful or uncomfortable or awkward. Those things make really good comics. That helped me. Instead of shrinking away from having those experiences, I would go, this is what I’m going to draw my pages about this week. It made those experiences very valuable for me. For me, transitioning and becoming a cartoonist are two sides of the same coin…

Read the whole interview here!

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